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A club for yuri or girlXgirl Sailor Moon pairings.
Founded 13 Years ago
Nov 24, 2003

North America

Group Focus
Fan Club

1,294 Members
1,518 Watchers
166,529 Pageviews
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I have had a few people submitting yuri Doujinshi so I have made a Doujinshi folder. Keep up the awesome work people!
Just made a group on Facebook for Ami and Makoto.…
We have been putting the fanfics in the folder for the pairing. Wanting the group's thought. Should we continue to do this or should we just have a separate folder for fanfics?
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Gallery Folders

Usagi Chaos
Usagi Neherennia
Usagi Beryl
Usagi Mistress 9
Ami Makoto
Ami Rei
Ami Minako
Ami Usagi
Ami Zoicite -fem-
Ami Haruka
Ami ChibiUsa
Rei Minako
Rei Hotaru
Rei Michiru
Rei Makoto
Rei Haruka
Makoto Usagi
Makoto Haruka
Makoto Seiya
Minako Makoto
Minako Setsuna
Minako Hotaru
Minako Haruka
ChibiUsa Hotaru
ChibiUsa Setsuna
ChibiUsa Miharu
ChibiUsa Minako
ChibiUsa Diana -human-
Setsuna Ami
Setsuna Usagi
Sestuna Saeko
Setsuna Beryl
Setsuna Black Lady
Setsuna Galaxia
Setsuna Rei
Setsuna Makoto
Setsuna Luna
Haruka Michiru
Haruka Setsuna
Haruka Usagi
Michiru Ami
Michiru Elza Grey
Michiru Usagi
Michiru Minako
Michiru Setsuna
Michiru Makoto
Hotaru Setsuna
Hotaru Makoto
Hotaru Usagi
Hotaru Ami
Hotaru Michiru
Hotaru Mistress 9
Hotaru Galaxia
Seiya Usagi
Seiya Yaten
Seiya Haruka
Seiya Rei
Seiya Black Lady
Seiya Setsuna
Yaten Minako
Yaten Luna
Yaten Hotaru
Yaten Rei
Taiki Ami
Taiki Makoto
Taiki Yaten
Taiki Seiya
Kakyuu Seiya
Kakyuu Usagi
Kakyuu Galaxia
Kousagi ChibiChibi
Kousagi Seiya
Queen Serenity Setsuna
Queen Serenity Ikuko
Queen Serenity Beryl
Queen Serenity Luna
Queen Serenity Nehelenia
Black Lady Mistress 9
Galaxia Beryl
Alumium Siren Lead Crow
Tin Nyanko Iron Mouse
Badiane Snow Kaguya
Senshi OC
Senshi Crossover
Senshi Villains


:bulletpink: To join click the join button.
:bulletpink: Members submit their own art. (All art will be voted on by the three of us)
:bulletpink: Art must have at least two girl characters from Sailor Moon to be allowed into the gallery. The exception to this rule is single pictures that display a yuri relationship. Examples:……

Accepted art Girl/Girl ONLY!!!!!!!
:bulletblue: Fanart
:bulletblue: Fanmanga
:bulletblue: Fanfiction
:bulletblue: Nudity
:bulletblue: Stamps
:bulletblue: Avatars
:bulletblue: Dollz

Originally founded by seasaidh and Songficcer in 2003. DavisJes took over 6/28/08.

Senshi Love Sites:…

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josefman78 Featured By Owner May 31, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Holy Shit! This Comunity Has Been Around Since I Was 2 Years Old, Holy Shit ;-; I Was Only A Baby When This Club Opened ;_;
Muserfairytales Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
follow a new group thecruelsun
Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015
I'm not sure if this would be allowed in Singles (As Setsuna is naked for the benefit of Seer99's OC - Sailor Phoenix). Also, for some reason, the Singles folder is closed but all the others are open.

Mature Content

Seductive Guardian by Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger
reijisakamoto Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the invite!:D
Oopsie, ignore that last comment. I just realized I didn't submit it here, it was requested. => I understand things now haha. ;u; 

Though I still have the same question. =o
Friendship pairings are allowed here?
DavisJes Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this is a romantic group
PeppermentPanda Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
I thought so.
Thank you for answering! :la:
Vallie Featured By Owner May 11, 2014
I could use some assistance finding some good Mercury / Jupiter doujinshi~

Can anyone please assist? :heart:
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